Touching Love Messages To Make Him Cry Long Distance Relationship
Touching Love Messages To Make Him Cry Long Distance Relationship

Touching Love Messages To Make Him Cry Long Distance Relationship

Touching Love Messages To Make Him Cry Long Distance Relationship

Relationships are full of flirty texts and romantic wordings. But once in a while, it needs to get more serious than that. Some touching love messages to make him cry is just the right way to bring an emotional depth to your relationship. He may not always remember the words you used, but he will definitely remember the time your words made him cry tears of joy. These touching love messages to make him cry can also do wonders at amending things when you are going through a rough patch or even a breakup. So, go through the heart-touching messages below and choose the ones that suit the current scenario of your love life.

  • Staying away from you makes me feel like a living corpse. It’s like my soul is away from me. Please come back soon and make me feel alive again.
  • I love you, not just because you understand me, but because my heart can communicate to yours, no matter how far away you are from me.
  • The void in my heart can only be filled with your presence, my love. I dream of a life where I can see you and hold you whenever I want to. Counting days till this dream comes true.
  • I console myself by thinking that we live under the same sky. But when I think about spending more days away from you, I become inconsolable. I miss you so much.
  • I long to see your handsome face and to hold you tight. It feels as if I can’t let another day go by without being near you. I wish you were here.
  • I haven’t always been the most lovable person, but you have loved me anyway. I don’t know if I deserve the unconditional love you’ve given me, but it’s the most precious thing I’ve ever known. You hold a place in my heart that none could ever replace. You are just everything to me.
  • True love seemed like a myth to me until I met you. Ever since you became mine, my life has found its meaning. I have got a reason to breathe, and the reason is to love you more and more every day. To love you so much that it makes my heart feel like bursting. And to continue loving you till the end of times.

long touching love messages to make him cry paragraph

  • Just saying ‘I love you’ will be undermining the feelings that I have for you. I adore you. I cherish you. I respect you. I think of you as my whole world. You are more valuable to me than all the gems in the world combined, and I would do anything to keep you mine.
  • You have seen all the versions of me, the strong and the vulnerable, the joyous and the sorrowful, and yet decided to stick by my side. With you, I can let my guards down and be my true self. No matter how hard life gets, I know I can always lean onto you. You are my shield in life, my dear man.

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